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To The Orient

Last night we paddled a surprisingly calm river all the way to the eastern hemisphere - not quite as far as it sounds.

There is a dramatic green laser beam shooting over the river at Greenwich marking the meridian which has apparently been there since December 1999 but its the first time I had seen it. Trying to paddle underneath it was a bit like chasing a rainbow but we did eventually get past it and across the meridian.


earlier this week I was riding my new cyclocross bike off road
went over the handlebars
dislocated my shoulder

luckily my brother had shown me a "kayaker's trick" for putting the shoulder back in place

it eased my pain
got the shoulder back in place
allowed me to ride my bike home so I could drive to the ER

Hi Luke,

I am NYC kayaker, storing my Nordkapp kayak at pier 63. Since I am looking for a 3-piece Nordkapp, I stumbled across your nice blog. I am visiting London next week for work (I am working as a drum tech for Blue Man Group). Do you have recommonadtions where I could go to rent a kayak to paddle while I am in London (I will stay for 2 weeks). Thanks so much!

Marcus, nycdrums@aol.com


I had a bad fall at Copper Mountain in Colorado some years ago
actually the fall was not that bad
it was more a matter that I had a large plastic Nalgene water bottle in my "fanny pack"
when carving some turns on some fresh cordoroy the board slipped out from under me due to some excessive heel drag
I went down and slammed right on the water bottle
that was early in a several week Colorado trip
was unable to mountainbike or snowboard for the rest of that trip

injury should be reserved for the couch potatoes

if only active people could transfer their injuries to inactive people

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