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On a roll

I really enjoyed my first coaching session since doing the L2 course. I had a small group of four paddlers who had recently completed their two star and I found it easier teaching them than absolute beginners. They are more demanding in terms of good technique though and I really need to work on polishing my own strokes.

We spent the best part of an hour warming up by playing polo and then went on to work on some three star skills including draw strokes and support strokes. I tried to use the IDEAS framework and I think it worked quite well. We took plenty of time for the activity component and used a game of 'chicken' to practice the hanging draw and draw stroke on the move (still need to find a few more games for other strokes). Some of the group were also keen to refine their forward paddling stroke and we did a little work on this but I found that much harder to coach than the draw and support strokes.

We ended up with a rolling session and I think everyone was able to improve including - very satisfyingly - one student who rolled for the first time. I got him to do a couple of hip flicks against my bow to get used to the cold water and let him know how I would rescue him if it did not work. He then made a couple of tries at a screw roll but it was not working for him as he was not placing the paddle far enough away from the boat to make a good lever. I thought back to when I first learned to roll and remembered the Pawlata, I showed him and he got it first time. A great way to end the session!

(coaching hours: 2)


this dislocation changes some of my plans...
was thinking of taking a "roll class" this winter
now my shoulder has me rethinking my want to white water kayak

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