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New York paddling

Chelsea Piers from the Hudson (click to enlarge).
I missed my regular Tuesday paddle on the Thames this week but made up for it by paddling on the Hudson river in New York City instead.

A few months ago I heard about the Manhattan Kayak Company in a podcast and made a mental note that if I ever found myself in New York on business with a spare evening I would look them up. That is what happened this week and I was delighted not to miss out on paddling, as I normally do, because of a business trip.

The paddle itself was a little slow paced and we did not get very far down river from MKC's HQ at Pier 63 as their trips are open to anyone and we had some novices along. I did not mind that too much though as it was such a novel experience to paddle in New York.

We were a bit unlucky with the water quality as there had been some thunderstorms on Tuesday night and another just before we got on the water. Eric Stiller, the owner, told me how the Manhattan drainage system has a limited capacity to handle rain water and in these circumstances drainage overflows into the Hudson bringing with it all manner of gunk, debris and foul smells. He reassured me that this was about as bad as it gets and that the river is normally very clean. It all sounded too familiar.

If I had more time in New York I would like to take one of their longer trips, perhaps out to the Statue of Liberty. Next time.