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Training summary

Now that training is over I thought I would carry out a little review of the last two and a half months. I was always a bit concerned that we were not doing enough as the general consensus seems to be that paddling three times a week for three months prior to the race is the minimum training required and we left it a little late getting started. That said, we were all used to paddling 10km at least once a week in the preeceeding months as well as various other activities.

The table and graph below give a summary of what I have done since the beginning of February. One interesting statistic that emerged is that I have paddled a total of 313km in that time. The race itself is, of course, 200km!

Activity Sessions km Time
paddle 19 313 37:41
gym 10 n/a 10:00
swim 6 7 2:55
bike 4 78 3:31
run 4 10 0:55
walk 1 10 2:30
Totals 44 417 57:32

Graph of hours spent on various training activities by date (click to enlarge)