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23 May 2007

Lovely evening on the Thames

The City from the South Bank (click to enlarge).
The City from the South Bank
Last night was a beautiful early summer evening and perfect for a jaunt up river to Waterloo Bridge. The tide was ideal as it had just started to ebb as we set off at 19:10 giving us very little flow to work against on the way out but increasing in time to help us home.

The summer weather brings out the river traffic and we had plenty of wash to liven things up and even a few little surfs.

Paddlers: 13
Time out: 50:00
Time back: 30:00

8 May 2007

Windy paddle to Temple steps

I have not been out on the river for a while and tonight was as windy as I can remember it so the paddle to Temple steps and back felt like a good work out.

On the way back we investigated a cruise ship, Vistamar, moored in the Pool of London.

Cruise ship, Vistamar in the pool of London (click to enlarge).

Seven of us made the trip which took 52 minutes out against wind and tide and 27 minutes back for a round trip distance of 10km.

1 May 2007

Open canoe coaching

After all my recent courses I had decided it was time to start running some of my own so tonight was the first of what I hope will be many open canoe coaching sessions on Shadwell Basin.

I only had a couple of takers but I am sure this will grow as open boating becomes a regular option at THCC on a Tuesday night and everyone else sees what fun we are having.

With only two students I was able to cover a lot of ground and they both made great progress.

gunwale bobbing (click to enlarge)